Ship to Kurdistan?

En Facebook-kompis skriver:

En kurdisk journalist på plats i Diyarbekir: ”Himlen över Amed har blivit till en svart moln av gasbomber och på många olika platser fortsätter polisen att ingripa mot folkmassorna…”

Polisen=Turkiska polisen. Och Diyarbekır och Amed är olika namn (turkiska resp. kurdiska) på samma stad.

Annat inlägg på FB (mina fetmarkeringar):

In just 20 [minutes] some 1 million people are going to attend a manifestation for freedom and peace in North Kurdistan’s capital Amed (Diyarbekir). All Kurdish MP’s and Members of the Kurdish party BDP are there to lead their people. The Turkish government have forbidden the manifestation but BDP have answered that ”prohibitions are yours, the squares/streets are ours”. Thousands and thousands of police are stationed around the city and helicopters are circling in the sky. Waterkanons and teargas have off course already been used.

V-politikern Yekbun Alp (V) är på plats i Amed. För en timme sedan skrev hon på FB, via mobil:

Tårgas slängdes mot BDPs byggnad utan anledning.

Du kan följa Yekbun via Twitter.
Även EU-parlamentarikern Mikael Gustafsson är på plats. Här är hans twitter. Senaste tweeten löd:

Turkish policy and military block the way from me and other people to get to a demonstration in Amed (Diyarbekir)


På tal om Turkiet, en bloggläsare uppmärksammade mig på detta:

The tremendous cultural and natural heritage of Mesopotamia is in great danger due to the construction of the Ilısu Dam on the Turkish stretch of the Tigris River. Designed to impound an area of more than 310 km², it would impact the right to food and water of thousands of people in and around the planned reservoir as well as downstream. It also threatens precious riverine ecosystems hosting numerous endangered species, hundreds of archaeological sites including the ancient town of Hasankeyf in Turkey, as well as the Mesopotamian Marshes in Iraq.

Wiki om Hasankeyf:

About 185 settlements (villages and hamlets) will be fully or partially affected by flooding. The involuntary resettlement process will involve 55,000-65,000 people (40,000 Turkish Gov’t estimates). Census data is not available yet. According to a KHRP report, at least 19 villages have reportedly been evacuated at gunpoint by the Turkish authorities in the reservoir area, and in many cases houses have been burnt to the ground, only a few people being compensated.

The town is of particular cultural significance to the Kurdish people: the delegation found a widespread perception that the GAP project, and Ilısu in particular, is motivated primarily by a desire to destroy the Kurds as an ethnic group by destroying their most important cultural sites.

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3 responses to “Ship to Kurdistan?

  1. Lizette

    is motivated primarily by a desire to destroy the Kurds as an ethnic group by destroying their most important cultural sites.

    Här ringer det onekligen en välbekant klocka.

  2. Elisabet Widebäck

    When will they ever learn to live in peace? I wish to visit that old town Hasankeyf and another old town Petra, before it´s too late. It´s very beautiful and they don´t need that water reservoar on those plots on the earth in the old town Hasankeyf. They can make power and have water on other places instead. I don´t like men that destroy! When will they ever learn to respect people and old nature?


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