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Cowards vs Citizens

Irshad Manji själv kommenterar incidenten i Indonesien:

Four years ago, I came to Indonesia and experienced a nation of tolerance, openness and pluralism. In my new book, I describe Indonesia as a model for the Muslim world.

Things have changed. Last night at LKiS community center, religious gangsters attacked about 150 citizens of Yogyakarta, as well as my team. My colleague, Emily Rees, was struck with a metal bar and had to be rushed to hospital. Her arm is now in a sling. Two other attendees sustained head injuries. I have spoken with them both and, by God’s grace, they will recover. 

But the reputation of the criminals should never recover: They hid behind masks and helmets while beating up ordinary people and destroying property. These men are cowards.

In sharp contrast, the courage of several citizens saved my own life. As the gangsters shouted, ”Where is Manji?,” citizens shielded my body with theirs. I am immeasurably grateful for, and humbled by, their bravery. They have shown that Indonesians can unite for human dignity. 

Citizens have reported to me that their police and government are capitulating to the thugs. But the people need not capitulate. May all Indonesians take pride in their peaceful heroes — and learn from them. 

Irshad Manji
Author, Allah, Liberty & Love and Director, Moral Courage Project, New York University



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Lady Gaga i Indonedsien


A hardline Islamic group warned Wednesday it would not let Lady Gaga set foot in Indonesia, challenging an army of fans awaiting a concert in the nation with the world’s largest Muslim population.

The Islamic Defenders Front (FPI) vowed to mobilise 30,000 demonstrators to protest the US artist’s June 3 performance in Jakarta and to intercept her at the airport.

We will stop her from setting foot on our land. She had better not dare spread her satanic faith in this country,” FPI Jakarta chairman Salim Alatas told AFP.

”Her style is vulgar, her sexual and indecent clothes will destroy our children’s sense of morality. She’s very dangerous,” he said.

The US pop diva, … has sparked opposition in other Asian countries with her ”Born This Way Ball” global tour, which kicked off in Seoul last month amid protests.

But the FPI, notorious for making threats and often failing to follow through, will face opposition from 40,000 fans planning to attend the sold-out show in Indonesia.

Little Monsters — as Lady Gaga fans are called — tweeted their determination to see the pop idol perform in Indonesia, 90 percent of whose 240,000 million inhabitants identify themselves as Muslim.

Little Monsters Indonesia vs FPI. I’m ready to fight,” Bentaniokevin [som på sin twitterpresentation skriver: "I ♥ اللّهِ Islam,im Proud of it!"] tweeted to the LadyGagaIndo Twitter account.

One page on Facebook, … was seeking dancers for a Lady Gaga flashmob, which sees people perform a choreographed dance in a public place.

The flashmob is ”to show our appreciation to Lady Gaga for planning to visit and to tell others who don’t approve of her that there’s nothing wrong with being her fans,” said Anggiat Sihombing, an 18-year-old university student who set up the LadyGagaIndo account.

The Lady Gaga Indonesia Facebook page has more than 42,000 ”likes”.

Här är den indonesiska Facebooksidan för Gaga.
•Och här är flashmoben:

•Indonesiska modestudenter har designat batikkläder till Gaga:

Several fashion students at LaSalle College of the Arts in Jakarta are currently waiting for Lady Gaga to pick and choose one of the 14 batik pieces they have designed exclusively for the singer for her upcoming concert in the capital.

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Irshad Manji attackerad av islamister i Indonesien

Ur EFD:s pressrelease:

The European Foundation for Democracy is appalled at the attack by Islamic fundamentalists on EFD Senior Fellow Irshad Manji in Jakarta, Indonesia this week. Irshad was presenting her latest book ‘Allah, Liberty and Love’ … at an event in Yogyakarta, when the building was stormed by masked Islamic extremists wielding iron bars and sticks, intent on disrupting the panel discussion and silencing the Muslim reformist thinker.
A group of women activists who attended the discussion formed a human cordon around Irshad, protecting her from the worst excesses of the attacks. Her assistant, however, was rushed to hospital, having been struck by an iron bar. Two others sustained head injuries.
It is regrettable that the authorities capitulated to the fundamentalists and closed down the event. Freedom of speech and democracy are not served by giving in to those – radicals Islamists – who shout loudest.

Jakarta post:

According to, Emily, assistant to the liberal Muslim activist, injured her right arm and her tape recorder was damaged in the attack. Irshad was injured by a plate thrown by an attacker, despite efforts of the organizers to protect her. Dozens of men and women were also beaten by the mob.

Jakarta Post: ”Irshad Manji is having second thought on Indonesia

In her newest book, …, Manji included Indonesia as an example of a place where pluralistic Islam could be upheld in the real world.
“However, at the current time, a lot of things have changed,” she told Tempo on Thursday morning.

She was referring to the attack … at the Institute for Islamic and Social Studies (LKiS) Foundation in Yogyakarta, which occurred late on Wednesday by hundreds of members of the Indonesian Mujahidin Council (MMI).

Last Friday, the discussion of Manji’s book  at the Salihara cultural center in Jakarta was disrupted by authorities who questioned the organizer’s permit to invite a foreign national.

Dozens of people claiming to be local residents staged protests during the event, saying they rejected the author because she openly declared that she was a lesbian and that her viewpoint that Islam should accept homosexuality was “unacceptable”.

On Saturday, Manji successfully attended a discussion hosted by the Alliance of [Independent] Journalists’s (AJI) Jakarta branch under the protection of Banser NU, a youth wing of Indonesia’s largest Muslim organization, Nahdlatul Ulama.

Before her Salihara speech was interrupted by the police, Manji had mentioned that compared to her last visit in 2008, she felt that there were “more conservative groups in the country this year”. (asa)

Irshad eskorteras ut efter fredagens möte. 

Islamisterna som maskerade sig med mc-hjälmar

•Mina tidigare blogginlägg om Irshad.

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Den iranska rapparen Shahin Najafi har fått en fatwa på sig. Anledningen är hans nya låt Naqi, där han riktar sig till den tionde shia-imamen och bl a sjunger: ”då Mehdi [tolfte imamen] sover ropar vi [istället] på dig Naqi”.
Exempelvis sjunger Shahin: ”Jag svär vid kärlek och Viagra, vid ben upp i luften och chakra”, och sedan: ”vid Golshiftehs tuttar”.
Dessa och andra formuleringar fick, enligt al-Arabiya, storayatollah Safi Golpayegani att se rött och utfärda en fatwa.
Lite ironiskt med tanke på följande formulering på ayatollans wikipedia-sida: ”He is known for his progressive ideas especially about the participation of the youth.” Progressiv är ordet och han verkar verkligen tycka om ungdomarna.

Det tycks vara sajten Asre Emrooz som står bakom kampanjen att apostat-förklara Shahin och kräva straff för hans blasfemi. Och sajten Shia Online har erbjudit 100 000 dollar till den som dödar Shahin.

Här är Shahins låt. Notera att moskékupolen är mer än bara en kupol och notera även flaggan.  :)

Mina tidigare blogginlägg om Shahin Najafi [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

PS: Intressant, pakistanska The Herald Tribune har använt en bild som jag tog på Shahin i Stockholm, utan min tillåtelse! Vilket i sin tur tycks bero på att Shahins webmaster på hans hemsida har använt mina foton (vilket absolut är okej), men inte angett fotograf (inte lika okej). Får ta tag i det där. :S

PPS. Här är låttexten, översatt till engelska.

PPS. Bild på Asre Emrooz:

Bredvid Shahins foto står det ”djävul/en”.
I blått till vänster: ”Folklig kampanj är igång: ’Avrätta Shahin Najafi!’”

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Kolla in kampanjfilmen (där Colin Firth medverkar) till stöd för Awa-stammen i Brasilien:
De är nu uppe i 14 195 som har mejlat, men behöver nå upp till 20 000. Det är där DU kommer in. :)


Loggers in Brazil captured an eight-year-old girl from one of the Amazon’s last uncontacted tribes and burned her alive as part of a campaign to force the indigenous population from its land …

The child was said to have wandered away from her village, where around 60 members of the Awá tribe live in complete isolation from the modern world, and fallen into the hands of the loggers.

Luis Carlos Guajajaras, a local leader from a separate tribe, told a Brazilian news website that they tied to her a tree and set her alight as a warning to other natives, who live in a protected reserve in the north-eastern state of Maranhão .

”She was from another tribe, they live deep in the jungle, and have no contact with the outside world. It would have been the first time she had ever seen white men. We heard that they laughed as they burned her to death,” he said.

Reports of the killing, which was said to have happened in October or November last year, were seconded by the Indigenous Missionary Council (CIMI), a Catholic group which said it had seen footage of her charred remains.


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