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Game over

Bild från en egyptisk gata :)

Tillägg 10 feb: Fotograf är journalisten Sarah Carr. Missa inte hennes blogg.

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I brittiska staden Derby har Gud skickat tecken – i en tomatskiva. [Tipstack till M.V.]

A muslim claims to have found a message from God – in a tomato.
Salman Gul discovered the apparent Arabic words as he munched on a roll bought from Subway in Normanton Road, Derby.
When a slice of tomato fell out he saw what appeared to be the message ”Muhammad is God’s Messenger” formed in Arabic text by the tomato’s veins.
Mr Gul said finding the extraordinary fruit ”clarified and confirmed” the strength of his faith.
He said: ”[…] I was eating at the Halal Subway sandwich shop […] and this tomato slice fell out from my sandwich.
”I asked the guys who worked at the Subway if they could read the same thing, and they agreed. I needed a third opinion so I went to my local mosque on Portland Street, and the imam who teaches Arabic classes read the tomato and confirmed it.”

Kommentarerna under texten är rätt roliga. Här är min favorit:
• Good job it wasn’t an image of the Prophet Mohammed otherwise there’d be a Fatwa declared on the tomato.


Undrar vad Gud ville säga med de här tomaterna?


Slutligen, på tal om kult-tomater:


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