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Slip of the tongue

Enligt rapporter har Matin Arjan, en kurdisk politisk fånge, fått sin tunga skuren i Iran.

”…Matin is constantly under torture and he is mostly detained in solitary confinement. They have cut off his tongue. He is not being medically treated and he is very close to death.”

Iranska regimen i ett nötskal: Säg något de inte gillar och de skär bokstavligen av din tunga. Och denna regim har nu uran, tack vare Ryssland.

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Adam Cwejman från LUF föreslår några talanger som han skulle vilja se i riksdagen, eller som han uttrycker det: ”Sverige behöver personer som kan ge det politiska systemet en spark i baken.” Jag håller definitivt med honom gällande Sakine Madon, Peter Englund och Petra Östergren.

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Dawkins om religiösa skolor

Intressant: Richard Dawkins om religiösa skolor (sändes 18 aug på brittiska Channel 4):

The number of faith schools in Britain is rising. Around 7,000 publicly funded schools – one in three – now has a religious affiliation.
The film features robust exchanges with former Secretary of State for Education Charles Clarke, Head of the Church of England Education Service Reverend Janina Ainsworth, and the Chair of the Association of Muslim Schools, Dr Mohammed Mukadam.
It also features insights from child psychologists and key players in faith education as well as insights from both parents and pupils.
Dawkins also draws on his own personal history as a father, arguing that the government must stop funding new faith schools, and urges society to respect a child’s right to freedom of belief.

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Positiva nyheter

Positiva nyheter om Palestina:

• Y-net: Palestinian women broadcast revolution

Only recently, and after women’s organizations and human rights groups have been denouncing the extent of the ”honor killing” phenomenon for years, the PA decided to remove the concept from the Palestinian agenda. The PA’s criminal law, which tended to show leniency towards such murders and mitigated the sentences of those responsible for them, has been changed following a Palestinian government decision that it would now be recognized as a regular murder.
This revolutionary amendment constitutes a deep change taking place in the PA in the past two years, and may be seen as a first sign of the beginning of a golden era in terms of the status and rights of women.

• Det här var fint: Palestina skickar hjälp till Pakistan.

På tal om Pakistan: Indien och Pakistan har ju inte haft världens bästa grannsämja, men när det gäller hjälper Indien till.

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