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Grave issues

Israel förstörde muslimska gravar”…

i en före detta kyrkogård som redan hade gjorts om till parkeringsplats utan några protester. Protesterna väcktes för att man nu ska lyfta skelletterna och återinföra dem i marken bredvid.

The museum, which is being built in Jerusalem’s Mamilla neighborhood by the Wiesenthal Center, occupies a site that served for hundreds of years as a Muslim cemetery, but was then turned into a parking lot. Because the work involves unearthing hundreds of skeletons and reinterring them at the margins of the site, it has aroused fierce opposition from Muslim groups, who petitioned the High Court of Justice against it.

However, the court accepted the museum’s argument that the lack of Muslim objection when the site was turned into a parking lot indicates that it is no longer deemed holy ground.
A spokesman for the Simon Wiesenthal Center said in response to the criticism:
”The Museum of Tolerance project was built on land split between an an eight-level underground parking lot and an above-ground parking lot (fossils found in the above-ground lot have been moved to the nearby Muslim cemetery). The aforementioned parking lot was and is used to hold thousands of vehicles in the center of Jerusalem. Attempts to declare the land on which this lot is built a holy place has no grounding in common sense.

Det bisarra är hur vissa nu ska sätta stopp för musembyggandet:

A new Jewish-Muslim initiative is seeking to derail the planned Museum of Tolerance, which is currently being built in Jerusalem on the site of a former Muslim cemetery.
The initiative’s hopes to get the site declared ritually impure under Jewish law, due to the fact that the construction has involved unearthing the remains of hundreds of Muslims. Such a declaration would keep religious Jews from visiting the museum.

Only in Mellanöstern folks. ;)

PS. Mer om begravningsplatsen:

The justices ruled that since no objections were raised in 1960, when the city put a parking lot over a small section of the graveyard, they would not block construction of the museum on that same site now.

The cemetery at issue contains graves up to 400 years old. However, it has not been used since Israel’s independence, and much of it and the surrounding area has become part of Independence Park, in the heart of Jewish West Jerusalem.

In their ruling, the justices authorized the construction of the museum on the condition that the human remains are reburied at an alternative site, or that the museum is built upon pillars so that the graves beneath are not disturbed.

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